All Strings Attached


*This post was written by Vishvaraj Chauhan in March 2016 to celebrate 1000+ views on the blog Meraki, authored by the ever charming Sreshtha Mondal.*

She is the face of experience; patron of existence; an embodiment of destiny. Gliding and touching every life on its way, playing hide and seek with everyone who seeks it out, she lays out her lessons with paramount ease and her teachings with adherent subtlety. ‘Life’, as many call her, has set an eye on the curious case of another girl, a mirror image of herself…

The baby gurgled and wailed; finished with sleep and on to hunger, two of the initial and foremost attachments ‘Life’ has deemed necessary for one and all. The little one has a lot of life in her and has a long journey to trod.

. . .

Read more at: The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017!

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