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If you've been paying attention - and I won't blame you if you haven't - you'd have noticed that I don't write fiction as much as I write non fiction. Granted, on my recent track record you can say that I don't write at all, but that would not be totally true.

But yes, I don't write fiction. For me fiction is everything false and pretentious we have as humanity. No other species is so self-absorbed to let go of reality to such an extent that they forge untruthful faux realities to live in, fully aware that it is temporary. No other species has ever been close enough to make castles in thin air, and live in them.

But then again, no other species has managed to build actual castles either. Nobody apart form humanity has been able to morph reality as such to see shapes in adjacent stars and faces in clouds. Creating fiction is as normal, I guess. It's normal to be fictitious, normal to be human.

And yet I am not normal, clearly. I shrug apart fiction in disdain like a small child's litter, hoping as time passes things will be cleaner. Not only do I not write fiction, I do not consume much fiction either. Movies, TV Series, a fair few religious books, all are not considered for consumption, and upon extreme persuasion, they're shown the abyss of 'to be consumed,' never to be seen again.

That is because I find fiction lazy. The idea of a fantasy, of a scenario or situation that is shown to you that promises so much; pulls on your heart strings only to leave you wanting is downright self torture. Why should I invest myself in something that is not tangible, which can change according to whims and will definitely create an unwanted longing, or an unnecessary pang of sadness? Make no mistake, there are no lessons to learn from fiction which reality won't tell you, and if you need hypotheticals to teach you lessons, I recommend experiences. Much more hard hitting and to the point.

Fiction takes you to a world which doesn't exist, to a world which is a mirage. Fiction is that smog in front of your true world which gives you a mild feeling of comfort but huge feelings of being lost. Fiction drags you to a world where your inaccuracies are accurate flukes, where your deficiencies are your qualities and your qualities your superpower. They are what they are, and nothing more.

Fiction takes you to a world where you are not alone, a world where everything is perfect, where the injustice isn't yours and the pain is shared. Fiction takes you to a world..

a world which I almost had.


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