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Marble Surface


I walk a lonely path,

And I've seen its wrath.

It's long and curled,

Yet it's all I know in this world.

It's a road of kindness,

Of happiness and mildness,

It's about seeing and giving,

And it's my only way of living.

Someone was down bereft,

As I trod onto my left.

So I sat with them under a banyan,

To be a good companion.

Someone was very benight,

As I looked to my right.

So I moved off my aisle,

And tried to make them smile.

Someone was broken down the road,

Ignored and left alone by the hoard.

So I paused and made them a meal,

Hoping that'd help them heal.

Someone's shrieks made me alert,

And I helped thinking they were hurt.

And then I was accused of abuse,

When all I wanted was to be of use.

I don't know where it hurts,

But I was sure that it does.

So I went to the healer,

Who told me I'm a feeler.

So thus I went ahead,

With no one but the sun overhead.

I found everyone all aligned,

And found myself far behind.


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