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Marble Surface


Yesterday returned to me

Like smoke from the gone past

If only I could weep

Racking up tales of the past.

There's a note of peace

That she isn't in pieces

And the holes I have

Are mine and only mine to fill.

I once had pillars of metier

Strong like an old oak

But now they're all uprooted

Leaving me broken in a stroke.

Why does the path,

Ask me about my dues?

Why do the cobblestones

Hide my destination?

What good have I done

To be alone in this world?

What bad have I done

To sleep with the demons of the world?

For every strand of hair

That greys day upon day

I find life to be fair

All beyond my hearsay.

So I have no qualms

With yesterday or today

It's the tomorrow I fear

With its casual decay.


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