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Me minus an 'I'

Hello there, Vish.

It's been a while since we communicated in such a way, but I reckon it is required now more than ever. After all you've changed countries, made new friends, had emotional roller coasters, dodged bullets (luckily not literal ones), and still manage to call the past 3 months a success. It is then, with supreme confidence that I, Vishi, can say that this letter will find you well, as despite all trials and tribulations, you will be fine.

You've discovered how cyclic your life is, and you've realised how it all vests into what you're now. You've gotten the analogical capacity back, you've even managed to write things back to a level you thought you had lost. More so, you've managed to market the old you very well. It all looks like you are back to your best, but with a difference - your best can now be better.

The aim, then, of this short letter is not to teach you anything, or to even remind you of the lessons you already know. This letter is a simple reminder for you to take a look at how far you've come, and a nudge towards how far you still have to go.

How does one improve in a completely new environment? Even the most sturdiest of plants, when uprooted and planted somewhere else struggles to grow. Unless, of course, provided with ample amount of external support and care; and of course, the sheer stubbornness of the plant itself. The fact that you have grown into yourself here means that you have been provided with that support, care, and added to it your own dedication to grow. That is something worth remembering and celebrating, and is definitely something to be proud of.

Quite often, improvement comes addition to the existing, however, your transition is signified by the removal of a letter from your name. From the beloved Vishi at home - a little irritated, a little bemused, and a little frustrated - to the slightly weird Vish here - the old one, a little awkward and often misunderstood - you've realised that these moods, or temporary characteristics do not define who you are.

You're back to where you were, but let me remind you of where you can be. There's a lot of love you still have to give, lots of knowledge you still have to gain, and a lot of potential still to reach. With this point in mind, bear that you are more than just Vish or Vishi - and keep an eye on the 'i'.

You, with an I or not, you're you, and you have a long way to go.

'The woods are lovely, dark and deep;

But I have promises to keep;

And miles to go before I sleep;

And miles to go before I sleep!'

- Vishi


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