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Rescue Dogs

These days I am obsessed with dog videos online. Not the cute puppies, no. I don't mind videos of pups or hyperactive dogs frolicking and fooling around, but my obsession has been on one particular type of videos.

I cannot take my eyes of any video which deals with rescue dogs. Moreso when the video shows the journey of a rescue dog finding love.

Every aspect of such videos mesmerises me. The locating of a dog in distress, the tolerance with which the rescuers try to get the dog on board - trying to convince him or her that they mean no harm. The affection they show the moment they realise that the poor dog is struggling. The extensive effort they take to find all places of hurt. The unrelenting love and affection that is showered. The time afforded to the dog.

What most gets me is the patience the humans show when the dog is finding its way back to normalcy, happiness, and trust. How every step is encouraged, every behaviour pattern observed and considered. It makes me feel relieved. There seeps in an astonishment within me which opens my eyes. I see things which I need to do and learn. I see hope, and a ray of light.

Videos of dogs being rescued have become the smile providers I need at times. Sometimes it reinforces that one needs to do the right thing by oneself. It makes me want to take an initiative. But it also fuels in me a great curiosity.

What would it be like to be rescued?


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