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The cycle of hurt

Life, at this point, is a dichotomy. I'm either ballin' or bawling. As raw as that line is, it is inaccurate. Not in its truth, but in the simple technicality that I cannot cry. And that's why I write. I have been wondering about how hurtful the world is. It is not a fresh epiphany, nor is it a novel thought. I say hurtful, because I think true evil is rare. And goodness is very gray, just like the faint lines of right and wrong. It all depends on where you're looking from. And that is exactly what propagates the cycle of hurtfulness. In my (probably naive) opinion, when someone hurts someone, they are doing it from a perspective of it being necessary for some kind of good. It may be conceited (it's for their own good) or selfish (it's for my own good). And that is when they hurt someone, who then fall into the trap of furthering the wheel of hurt - using either conceit or selfishness as the fuel. It takes something special to halt that vicious cycle — someone who can separate their hurt from their fuel. But then, the fuel needs to be disposed off well. Storing it somewhere deep is never the answer, as it then builds up, and a single spark can then lead to devastation. And measuring that devastation is another dilemma.

In this hurtful world, it is a massive loss when someone gets hurt who doesn't deserve it. But life is an equal opportunity hurter, and all one can do is deal with it.

So we deal with it. Mostly, by spurring the cycle.

I'd like to stop it.

But I can't.


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