The Little Things of Life

All the world’s a stage and we are playing our part with every single breath we take! However, taking a look at the bigger picture of our life from time to time so that we can assess our growth or better put our journey, we mostly tend to neglect the smaller frames that constitute the big picture ultimately. On that note , you may disagree with me but let me ask you a simple question to put across my point- When was the last time you smiled at your own reflection in the mirror?

As a human, its indeed (r)evolutionary to understand the wide spectrum of emotions that make us. Just like countless drops of water aggregate into a big pool, so are the little sparks of emotions which keep the flame of life burning. Every day , we wake up to (yet again) cling ourselves to the chains of routine life (maybe just handful of days when we coerce our minds into feeling that , well today’s gonna be different) .The little feeling of relief, that ‘yes I am alive to see another day’ , gets forgotten and becomes the most underrated one until death flies over the shoulders maybe in the form of loss of a dear one , or any incident involving our very self. Its aftermath, brings the gratitude and the relief of living quite literally to the fore. Yet, if we do this everyday , won’t we really live more each day and strive to make it worthy?

The nature is such a beautiful painter, but do you know what’s the canvas? Its our senses indeed! While commuting to your place of work or study, have you ever noticed how the leaves of the trees beautifully let the sunlight filter through itself creating the silhouette of the rays? If you ever notice the beauty of the flowers on the stem full of thorns , the birds flying on a windy day, the skies showing multitude of hues during the different times of the day , these and so much more are simply the little things which tell us about living life! Yet, we are looking out for preachers ,books, etc who will wrap all these things in fancy words and destroy its simplicity to be assimilated by us…

The little shriek you just muffled inside your own self ,on reading that awful headline in the newspaper ; suppressing the resentment on the not-so-positive state of affairs around you or that tiny spark of anger at times- many such things also go on unnoticed for days until you have hit the wall and are unable to carry the burden any more. Slumped against the wall , yet again? Feeling direction-less? That’s life signalling you to stop and take a bit of rest! Rest, because its in times like these you will look back at all the little things collected so far ; and then segregate them to take them along with you or dump them in the recesses of deep crevices of the sub – conscious mind. However, often we take such breaks in otherwise manner and tend to drown ourselves unnecessarily into the dark, murky waters which otherwise want us just at the surface for a while only.Moreover, most of us but not all know swimming, hence we should know the depths from which we can recover up !

Perspective matters a lot here, for these little things of life are referred to as “little” for many reasons ; we may or may not understand all of them. These are those little things which, sometimes build up the foundation and most of the times the stepping stones in our lives. Hence, some major moments , big decisions are look upon at particular instances in our lives and not every day or every single moment- it is indeed these little things which keeps us level-headed to look ahead and far in the journey of time. So ,feel the million little cells of your body and cheer them up – saying thanks buddy for all the little things you’re doing for me! Maybe, the body will reply you back with a constriction of 72 muscles and a flash of white – smile , in simple language! Enjoy the scribbling of the pen on the paper , the chaos around you and a lot of little (and big) etceteras , for some day time will come to dissolve you among the little things – the dust, the air , the water drops!

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