The million plus one’th wheel.

The door opens and closes,

And no one meets my eye. 

And some with their purposes,

Struggle to say a hi. 

I had made new friends,

Was one among the three. 

But pavements are broad for only two,

And so I let them be. 

I then got into a quartet,

And was happy to belong,

But the auto-rickshaw takes in a triplet,

And so I walked all along. 

A group of four took me in,

But it became one too many. 

one can listen to three at best.

So I threw in my penny. 

And every night do I bemoan,

Thinking this is how it is to be life long. 

Within people, yet all alone,

A part, but still don’t belong. 

No matter what vehicle I join,

I’ll always be the extra wheel.

In the world of a million,

The million plus one’th wheel. 

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