Time Travel

Time travels. And time-travels. The entire escapade of humanity can be defined within that hyphen.

Humanity has bequeathed a very predictable pattern in various - or almost all - of its attempts to liven things up. Things start with an unquenched naivety, followed by reluctant yet imperative ignorance, caught up by wistful chasing and regret. And nothing highlights this journey as the squandering of time and the Hotel California style stay in that squandered time.

And that is probably why I find myself back in my teenage years again. Time has travelled voluminously since those days, yet I almost regularly time-travel there often. Not to work on things, but to relive them. I don't go there any more to investigate or even introspect, I go, and stay, there to relate again.

But here's the fun part, people think going back in time has to be for good memories, to deal with poor experiences. Or probably recalling a good memory to link with a current good experience. Going back to a negative memory is frowned upon. Particularly when that is coupled with a poor current experience. And dwelling in those moments? There's probably a term for it in the psychological handbook.

I believe there is nothing wrong with going back to a poor place in your mind when you are not doing well - I have found that it can give you surprising clues in helping you out in the present, provided you know how to look for them. After all, what's happened has happened, and the familiarity has new lessons in there which can be used. Plus, there is a comfort in there somewhere, repressed, in the suppressed story. A comfort that only pulls you in when you have the necessary attraction for it.

It's like reading an already read book and picking up new information in the storyline, the buildup, and the nuances. It's like listening again to those emotionally charged songs, only when you know they will cut into you again.

And thus, my time-travel to my teens is comfortable, you know, cause I have been here before. And looking at the younger Eeyore, the Eeyore who's seen time travelled past smiled.

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